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Model: NO1838439792758
The NSI Balance Clear Nail Forms are specifically created for use with a gel enhancement system.The major cause of enhancement breakdown with any gel system is that the gel has not been properly cured.The Balance Clear Forms are perfect for sculpting with your gels because the light energy can penet..
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Model: NO1839684583542
100pcs/box Dual Nail Forms.For Acrylic/Gel Nail Art Design mold...
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Model: NO1838443462774
NSI Platinum Nail Forms are a must have acrylic nail form for sculpting acrylic nail enhancements.These forms are a great form for sculpting traditional nail shapes, active length and even alternative nail shapes.Versatile, they work beautifully with gels too, as long as you use a thin clear gel bas..
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Model: NO1838434058358
Thin Aluminium Nail Forms 10ct..
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Model: NO2620369993846
Easy to use.Used for sculpting acrylic or gel...
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Model: NO1837851836534
The NSI Secret Stiletto Nail Forms are great for taking your traditional sculpted nails to a new level!These forms are ideal for sculpting any alternative nail shape like the stiletto, edge, gothic almond, lipstick, ballerina or coffin etc鈥?And you can even use them for traditional nail shapes.These..
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Model: NO1838433075318
A unique tab system holds the "C" curve securely in place.Firm support for accurate product placement.Crease-resistant mylar coating offers flexible shaping and ease of product release.Select QTY: 100ct $9 - 500ct $30..
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