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Model: NO1838537015414
100% Pure Acetone Remover for the fastest and most effective removal of Acrylic, Gel and Gel Polish.There are a few methods that you can use to safely remove enhancements using 100% Pure Acetone Remover.How to remove Acrylic , Gel or Gel Nail Polish with 100% Pure Acetone Remover1. To soak off, satu..
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Model: NO1841152426102
This bit is one quarter the size of a barrel bit and created to trench out 2 weeks worth of growth.Shank 3/32"..
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Model: NO1841157308534
This bit is half the size of a barrel bit and created to trench out 3 to 4 weeks worth of growth. Shank 3/32"..
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Model: NO1839386656886
A great brush for Acrylic and Gel application...
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Model: NO1838580433014
Best quick dry top coat for nail polish.Seals and protects polished nail enhancements in 3 minutes flat.Dries to an ultra-shiny, non-smudge finish that lasts for two weeks or more.Airshield begins to dry as soon as it is applied to the nail and requires no heat, light, or extra equipment.Not recomme..
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Model: NO1838193148022
Kit of 6pcs nail files & buffers:LEOPARD File 100/100 Grit.LION File 150/150 Grit.ZEBRA File 180/180 Grit.ELEPHANT Buffer 320/220.TIGER 3 Way Shiner.DEER Chamois buffer...
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Model: NO1840294297718
Silk Oil of Morocco鈥檚 intense hydrating Argan Hand & Nail Cream is the perfect solution for dry hands and brittle nails. Enriched with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamins, Antioxidants, Omega-6 and Omega-9 Essential Fatty Acids, combined with Australian Cold Pressed Sw..
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Model: NO1839742681206
These Artist Design Brush Kits come by a pack of 8 brushes to create endless nail art designs.Each brush has a different head to create multiple looks & designs, and each brush will have different results everytime.Easy to clean & the brushes keep their shape well.These brushes are fantastic to use ..
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Model: NO1839224815734
This low-odour, acid-free primer designed for the Attraction Acrylic System will not discolour the enhancement nor burn the skin.Covalently bonds to the natural nail and the enhancement product for exceptional adhesion.This non-acid primer provides maximum strength, adhesion and ease of use.SIZE: 7m..
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Model: NO1838479999094
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Model: NO2540603703414
The NSI Baby Grand Brush #6 is a must have small Acrylic Nail Enhancement brush for all nail technicians.The Baby Grand Brush#6 is ideal for use in the creation of Acrylic Nail Enhancements.Smaller barrel is designed for less liquid pick-up.#6 brush with a slightly crimped ferrule made from pure Kol..
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Model: NO1839290417270
The NSI Balance Bond is an air dry acid free gel enhancement primer for use with the Balance UV Gel System.Balance Bond Primer will not discolor the enhancement nor burn the skin.Acid-free, low-odor primer designed for the Balance UV Gel System.Will not discolor the enhancement nor burn the skin.Whe..
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